12V DC 60W Magnetic LED Transformer

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Magnitude 12V DC 60W Max LED Dimmable Driver. Your best choice for worry-free power and dimming! Comes standard with a push-to-reset manual circuit breaker on the output or an optional auto-reset feature which will reset the breaker without you having to do anything!

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  • Manual reset
  • Auto reset

  • Magnitude 12V DC 60W Max LED Dimmable Driver.  Magnitude’s M60L12DC is the most compact LED driver on the market with a magnetic transformer core. It is equipped with one push-to-reset circuit breakeron the output, which protect both the load and driver, or you can order it with the "hands free" auto reset feature, offering the same protection with the convenience of not having to get to the transformer to reset the breaker! The driver is encased in a coated metal box that includes 2 knock-outs on the bottom to enable easy installation that complies with electrical code requirements. These premium quality transformers are assembled and tested in the USA.

    Magnitude’s dimmable magnetic DC drivers are built especially for LED systems. These LED DC drivers provide the following benefits:

    Compatibility – There are no minimum load requirements when used with a dimmer. The drivers cause no flicker or any of the other side effects that can result from a lack of synchronization between voltage mode drivers and PWM low voltage drivers in the light fitting.

    Perfect Dimming – Fully compatible with low voltage dimmers, in contrast to voltage mode drivers that balance the voltage in the system and prevent the dimmer from working. 

    Lower Power Consumption – Bring about an improvement in efficiency of 15%, due to the avoidance of unnecessary double conversion in the circuitry.  Save even more on your energy bill!

    No RFI Issues – These transformers operate at a perfect 60Hz sinus wave, therefore they produce no radio frequency interference whatsoever.

    • Both dimmable and non-dimmable LEDs
    • 12 Volt LED fixtures
    • 12 Volt LED bulbs
    • 12 Volt LED strip lights (ribbon)
    • Acoustic humming and buzzing free
    • Push-to-reset circuit breaker on the output (standard)
    • Auto-reset circuit breaker on the output (optional)
    • Works with low-voltage TRIAC dimmers
    • 2 side knockouts
    • ETL listed
    • CSA listed
    • Class 2.

  • Fixture Material Black Powdercoated Steel
    Voltage Converts 120V AC Line Voltage to 12V DC Low Voltage
    Dimensions 6.06" Length x 2.59" Width x 2.2" Depth
    ETL Listed Yes
    Warranty 5 years

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