You will find here all LED outdoor collections. This category includes all the basics of outddor LED lights and much more: floodlights, downlights, directional lights, rope lights and components! You can also pair your favorite fixtures with our quality LED bulbs!

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  • LED Directional Light

    Bright Choice Lighting provides directional LED lamps that focus light where you want it.  We keep renewing the designs and styles of our directional light fixtures. Please note that usually we only sell directional LED lamps, and that you need to pair the right bulbs with the lamps. 

  • LED Flood Light

    LED flood lights are bright enough to be used for illumination purposes on large sport fields as well as lawns and backyards. Bright Choice Lighting is the best place to shop for LED Flood Lights for your home and public spaces.

  • LED Ground Well Light

    Well Lights are an interesting and affordable way to enhance the appeal of your landscaping.  Because these lights are installed and concealed within ground, the actual light is showcased rather than the fixture. Ground lights create the illusion that the light is emanating out of the ground. They can be used with up lighting to create a dramatic effect in a garden or atrium.

  • LED Lawn Light

    Bright Choice Lighting provides LED lawn light fixtures as the choice for area & site lighting applications including lawns, front & back yards, walkways, and more.

  • LED Rope Light

    An LED Rope light is usually used as a decorative lighting fixture, featuring small light bulbs linked together and encased in a PVC  jacket to create a string of lights. Rope lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. Bright Choice Lighting is the best place to shop for LED Rope Lights.

  • LED Solar Light

    The solar powered security light automatically turns when it senses the motion of someone driving to your house or walking to your door. Our solar lights are usually placed in garden, front yard and outddoor stair. After absorbing about 10 hours of light in daytime, the solar light illuminates the whole night. 

  • LED Step Light

    LED step lights can be used to enhance your landscape, to amplify your deck lighting when entertaining, for commercial exterior lighting, or simply to feel more secure knowing your staircase is brightly lit. 

  • LED Wall Washer

    Wall Washers are ideal for spot, accent and fill lighting for large environments. Bright Choice Lighting Wall Washer LED systems can produce uniform light and draw attention to a large area and emphasize textures on vertical surfaces.

  • LED Underwater Light

    Underwater LED lights for all types of marine applications such as transom lights, dock lighting, sternlights and hull lighting. The low-voltage pool light has 12 VDC operation and is much safer than 120-volt alternatives. 

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